A careers event for high‑potential students of black heritage.

About us

Uncovering Prospects is an annual event for high potential students of black heritage, which will be held virtually in 2022. Students attending will be due to graduate in 2023 or 2024, and will be interested in exploring internship opportunities in the City of London. Through informative presentations, panel discussions and informal networking, our virtual event offers attendees the chance to learn from professionals working at the world’s top City firms. It’s a unique opportunity for students to come along and discover the graduate programmes and penultimate year internship opportunities available at a wide range of organisations.

Who should attend

Graduate and internship opportunities are competitive and extremely challenging; in order to attend this event you must have a strong academic background. All attendees should:

  1. Be on track to leave university with at least a 2.1 (or equivalent)
  2. Be open and enthusiastic about exploring an internship in the City of London

Meet the firms

UP gives you the opportunity to engage with experienced individuals at renowned firms, and begin to form an idea of where your potential career may take you.

Each participating firm is a globally recognised organisation, and together, they work to make a positive impact, actively striving for equality and diversity in their respective fields.


More information on the event platform and specific agenda are confirmed to attendees once they have applied and been accepted on to the event. With an interactive and informative mixture of presentations, panel discussions and networking – this is a great chance to meet and learn from business representatives who are already working at some of the world’s top firms. It’s a unique opportunity to discover what it’s really like to work in the City, ask any questions you might have, and explore how you can apply to future insight days and internships before you finish your degree.

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