A virtual careers event
for LGBTQIA students

Find your place in the city

AuthentiCity is a virtual event, created exclusively for LGBTQIA students looking to explore career opportunities in the City. You’ll get to speak to representatives from a number of worldwide firms, who’ll be providing a valuable insight into their work and sharing their experiences of being LGBTQIA in the workplace. Get involved and we will show you just how much you can accomplish while still remaining true to who you are. The event is supported by myGwork, which is a leading online recruitment and networking hub for LGBTQIA professionals and organisations.

Who should attend

If you have career aspirations in Professional Services, Finance, Fund Management or Technology – or you simply wish to explore what these industries have to offer – then this event is for you. Many people believe their gender or sexuality can put them at a disadvantage when looking for jobs. Our aim, above all, is to help put your mind at rest, open your eyes to the wide range of options available, and encourage you to show the world what you’re really capable of. AuthentiCity is an event celebrating diversity, meaning you’ll be in amongst a talented group you can identify with. This is an opportunity to engage with relatable individuals and ultimately help us improve the way businesses view the LGBTQIA community.

The firms

With major firms from several different industries, AuthentiCity gives you the chance to engage with experienced individuals and begin to form an idea of where your potential career may take you. Every firm participating is a globally recognised organisation. Together, they work to make a positive impact and actively strive for equality and diversity in their respective fields.


The sessions taking place within this virtual event will educate you on the career opportunities in these industries, and others will allow you to interact directly with the firms’ representatives. The mixture of presentations, panel discussions and networking elements with the participating firms answering any questions you may have when applying for future internships or graduate positions.

“It was amazing to meet seniors from all the firms, hear how they leverage their authenticity at work and assess the distinctive cultures of the firms attending.”

“All of the speeches were amazing, people were so friendly and encouraging whilst being so helpful with their knowledge.”

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