Consulting & Training

The business challenges around recruiting diversity can differ from one company to the next. But whatever obstacles you’re facing, we’re certain we can help. Thanks to our in-depth experience and expertise of working with underrepresented groups, across a range of organisations and businesses (and on a whole host of topics and issues), we’re well equipped to support you.


Perhaps you’re having trouble attracting women to your business, and you need to consider whether your job descriptions are loaded with gendered language. Or, you might be having difficulty attracting BAME students to your company, because your marketing materials lack representation. Rest assured that we're quick to spot the problem – and we devote the necessary time and attention to resolve it. Advising you on a one-off or ongoing basis, we can review your current marketing materials, offer feedback on ways to be more inclusive, or give you inspiring ideas for the future.


Attracting a wide enough pool of talent is a critical factor in improving the diversity of your recruitment. But it’s also important to look inside your organisation, at the internal processes that could hold some of your ideal candidates back, and identify where individuals might be unintentionally screened out. We can help address these obstacles with internal training on topics such as unconscious bias, inclusive language, and accessibility.